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T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us will remain the same for now- Android Authority

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t-mobile oneplus 6t trade in

T-Mobile customers who are worried that Netflix’s price hikes will affect Netflix On Us, fear not — T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed on Twitter that the program won’t change. For now.

That caveat gives Legere and T-Mobile some wiggle room in the event that things do change. For now, however, T-Mobile will cover the costs of Netflix’s price increases. Legere also said that T-Mobile is working with Netflix to observe what sort of impact the price hikes might have.

Legere said he’ll have more to share by May 1.

With Netflix On Us, T-Mobile subscribers with at least two lines with an eligible T-Mobile One voice plan can get Netflix’s standard plan for free. Subscribers can pay $3 per month if they want to step up to a Netflix Premium subscription, which lets you stream HD and UHD content on four devices at the same time.

Earlier today, Netflix announced price increases for all three of its plans. The basic plan goes from $8 to $9 per month, while the standard plan goes from $11 to $13. The premium plan goes from $14 to $16 per month.

All three price increases are effective immediately for new subscribers. Current subscribers will see the price hikes over the next three months.

Stay toasty and save 42% on knit touchscreen gloves

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Touchscreen Gloves

It’s cold out there folks, and you don’t want your fingers getting frosty when using your devices. To that end, here’s a deal on some specialized touchscreen gloves to keep your mitts warm this winter.

The material and thickness of these touchscreen gloves ensure your hands stay warm, while also giving you the dexterity to operate your device.

The conductive palm and fingertip design of these gloves ensure that you get the full response to your furious tapping. A specially engineered grip stops your phone slipping away.

It’s getting cold out there.

We normally stop short of offering fashion advice, but we think that these touchscreen gloves are nicely understated too. They’re unisex and minimalistic, so they shouldn’t clash with your latest winter wear. Naturally, they fit all sizes.

The gloves are retailing for $19 if purchased directly from the supplier, but for the next few days, you can pick up a pair for just $10.99.

The deal ends in less than a week folks, so to keep your digits warm follow the link below.

The AA Picks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB.

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10 best shoe apps for Android to find your next pair!

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This is the featured image for the best shoe apps for android
Shopping for shoes is a little bit different than shopping for cloths. You wear shoes every day so it has to work with almost all of your cloths. Or, of course, you simply need more shoes. Additionally, people shop for shoes for different reasons. Athletes like shoes with good arch and ankle support. Fashion-minded folks prefer something that looks good all of the time. Outdoor people prefer boots with some water-proofing that can stand up to mud and other dirty elements. There are no shoe stores that sell all of those things so you have to look around a little bit. We can help with all of those. Here are the best shoe apps for Android for as many different types of shoe as we could find.

6PM is a unisex fashion stores with shoes, accessories, cloths, and other such items. They boast a massive selection that includes a ton of different brand names. In terms of shoes, the selection has a lot of variety. You can get sports brands like Nike and ADIDAS, fashion brands like UGG, boots, sandals, sneakers, and everything between. We were surprised at how much stuff is actually available. The app does have the occasional bug or problem. One reviewer noted that prices can occasionally change when items are in the cart. However, none of that is bad enough to make 6PM a bad experience. It really is quite good and the selection is outstanding.


DSW is another larger retailer of shoes and fashion accessories for both men and women. The selection includes sports shoes, loafers, Oxfords, lace-ups, slip-ons, sandals, slippers, boat shoes, and whatever else you can think of. There are more women’s accessory categories than men, but it still does well for both types of fashion. You can find all kinds of stuff from all kinds of brands much like other apps on the list. The app also features order tracking, in-store pickup options, DSW Rewards membership info, and clearance sale prices. The app has its ups and downs, but it generally worked okay for us during testing.


Zappos is a popular website for cloths and shoes. The customer service is above average here as well. Zappos boasts free shipping and free returns as well. You get a decent selection as well with most popular shoe brands somewhere in the app. You can even find old school stuff like skater shoes and Chucks. Of course, it carries cloths and accessories like most of its competitors. The app has a clean UI, but it is occasionally buggy and slow. If you have problems with the app, we recommend creating a wishlist on the app and then finishing your purchase in a web browser. Otherwise, the experience is good.


Zumiez is a skater shop with a bunch of cloths, shoes, and accessories. The variety isn’t quite as large as some other shoe apps. It focuses mostly on skater culture stuff. In fact, you can buy actual skateboards here. The shoe selection is slim, but there are a lot of shoe types that you can’t find in other outlets, like those fun, bulky skater shoes from the early and mid 2000’s. Of course, there are some more modern styles as well. Some of the other stuff you can buy includes shirts, hoodies, bags, snowboarding gear, sunglasses, belts, and other stuff. There is both a men’s and women’s section as well. It’s good if the other stuff feels too much like the same old stuff and you want to try something different.


If we missed any great shoe apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

Here’s how to reset Adaptive Brightness in Android Pie

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Android 9 Pie review Adaptive Brightness

Google has quietly updated its Device Health Services app, bringing the ability to change your Adaptive Brightness settings back to factory defaults. We don’t blame you if you missed the addition, but here’s how to reset Adaptive Brightness.

The version 1.6 update brings the change, according to 9to5Google, but the process of resetting the option is a strange one. You’ll need to visit the app’s info page in settings, then tap storage > clear storage > reset adaptive brightness. Nevertheless, if you’d actually like to clear the app’s storage, the option to clear all data is still present.

It’s a pretty incognito way of adding functionality, as the ability to launch the Device Health Services app and find the setting seems more intuitive. Nevertheless, we’re glad to see the function anyway.

Adaptive Brightness forms part of Google’s AI-driven push with the Android Pie update. The option is similar to traditional automatic brightness, as the phone tweaks brightness based on the lighting in your environment. But Adaptive Brightness goes a step further, as it encourages you to manually tweak the brightness slider. By doing this, you’re training the function to understand your preferred brightness in various conditions.

It’s not the only Adaptive feature in Android Pie, as Google also delivered Adaptive Battery functionality. This function uses machine learning to figure out which apps you’ll be using in the next few hours. Google claims a 30 percent reduction in CPU wake-up calls as a result, saving juice in the process.

Are there any other Adaptive features you’d like to see in Android? Let us know in the comments!

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